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Electric Wax Heater Machine Hair Removal 500ML

Electric Wax Heater Machine Hair Removal 500ML

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This Electric Wax Heater Machine Hair Removal 500ML can be used on skin with hair for hair removal, or applied on hand and foot to achieve multiple skin care effects.


1. 10-min Quick Melting. Detachable aluminum alloy inner pot with excellent thermal conductivity is used. Can quickly and uniformly melt a wax.
2. Compatible with All Types of Wax. You can put wax beads, hard wax, paraffin wax, warm wax, crème wax, strip wax and other waxes in this heater for melting.
3. LCD Temperature Display. Equipped with a screen that displays the current temperature-you no longer have to test the temperature by hand and sometimes get scalded.
4. Easy to Operate. Adjustable accurate temperatures with convertible unit enables everyone to easily use it. Detachable design makes it more convenient for it to be cleaned.

1.Put some wax in the heater.
2.Heat for 10 minutes until it melts.
3.Wax along the direction of hair growth.
4.Tear off against the direction of hair growth.

1.Never operate the device if:
a)It has a damaged cord or plug.
b)It is not working properly.
c)It has been dropped or damaged in any manner.
d)It has been dropped into water before.
2.Keep away from children during use and storage.
3.Keep the cord away from heated surface.
4.DO NOT immerse the WAX MACHINE into water or other liquids.
5.Avoid hanging the cord over a counter or table where it can be pulled on by children or tripped over unintentionally.
6.Always use the WAX MACHINE on a level surface.
7.Unplug the device when not in use. Allow it to cool down after an intense use.
8.Do not wrap the cord around the WAX MACHINE when in use.
9.Do not dismantle the machine by yourself, as it may cause hazards.
10.Test temperature of the wax before putting hand into the device.
11.Use this WAX MACHINE only for its intended use as described in the manual.


Item Type:Wax Heater
Weight: 650g


1*Main Machine
1*Power Cord

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