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Anti Wrinkles Face Massager, Anti-Aging Facial Neck Eye Device

Anti Wrinkles Face Massager, Anti-Aging Facial Neck Eye Device

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 This Anti Wrinkles Face Massager, Anti-Aging Facial Neck Eye Device promote the blood circulation and metabolism to clear the meridians, discharging accumulated toxic and waste, anti and slow down the cell aging and remove facial and neck wrinkle, make your skin smoother and brighter, by combine use with a RIGHT skin care product.


✔ [Ion + Lead Out] Bioelectric current can effectively remove the makeup residuals and dirt in the deep pores and it can further enhance the cleansing effect by using the cotton pad fastened by the detachable fixing ring.
✔ [Ion - Lead In] Effectively improve the nutrition absorption efficiency for more effective skin care, also can help save your skin care products.
✔ [Vibration Massage] Ultrasonic vibration massage can effectively activate skin cells metabolism to accelerate the skin repairing, tighten the skin and strengthen the skin elasticity.
✔ [Constant Heating] Soothing 42℃ heating massage can enhance tissue regeneration process to open up the pores and improve the absorption of cream, lotion and other skin care products to leave your skin plump.
✔ [Convenient Skin Care] Lightweight and portable design, you can put it in your handbag for easy access anytime and anywhere, suitable for both home and travel use, multifunctional design to solve more problems and workable on more areas, helping relieve facial muscle tension and fatigue, remove dark circles, eye bags, fade lines and wrinkles & etc.

✔ Press the power button 3 seconds to turn on the not use while charging.
✔ Keep the fingers in touch with the sensor on the side on the device to form a complete circuit.
✔ Use the cleansing mode with makeup remover,or cleansing lotions,do not use a facial cleanser, or cleansing oil.
✔ It is normal that you will feel the weak electric current while using,which is because the device adopts micro-current technology.


✔ Item Type: RF Facial Machine
✔ Color: Pink
✔ Material: ABS
✔ Voltage: 5V
✔ Power: 4W
✔ Battery: 1200mAh
✔ Charging Time: 5 Hours
✔ Weight: 105g
✔ Size: 5.5*18cm/2.17*7.09in


✔ 1* Beauty Instrument(Main Unit)
✔ 1* USB Cable
✔ 1* Box
✔ 1* User Manual

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