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Back Neck Shoulder Massager at home

Back Neck Shoulder Massager at home

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Shiatsu Back Neck Shoulder Massager with Heating Functions - Back Neck pain relief at home- Shiatsu Abdominal, Foot, Legs, Waist, Thigh massage - Use at Home, Car, Office

✔ Reduces Neck pain, Back pain, shoulders, Waist, Calfs and legs pain
✔Simulates real human massage to help relieve neck soreness, shoulder tiredness, body tension, improve sleep quality and promote blood circulation
 Comes with a heat function that gives you a warm and soothing sensation to your neckBack & shoulders
 Automatic shut down in 15 minutes
 Can be used for Neck Massage, Back, shoulder, Leg, Waist and Calf.



✔ Relieve any Neck or back Pain effectively witching 15 minutes
✔ 15 minutes relaxation every day
✔ This Back and Neck Massager has 4 Features:
1. Simulation Massage
2. Deep kneading
3. Bi-directional massage
4. Comfy heat

✔ It has also 4 Controls:
1. Power Control
2. Heating Control
3. Direction Control
4. Intensity Control
✔ Low noise for deep relaxation
✔ Soft, Breathable and Skin friendly
✔ Home and car compatible.

Who Need This Neck, Back & Shoulders Massager?
People suffering from:
✔ Neck Pain
✔ Cervical Neck Pain
✔ Poor blood circulation;
✔ Pain from poor posture
✔ Migraine
✔ Arthritis Pain
✔ Headaches at the back of the Neck
✔ Muscle Spasms
✔ Knotted Neck and shoulders
✔ And People who stand or sit for a long time;
✔ People who have high labor intensity;
✔ People who travel frequently;
✔ All people wish to take care of their Neck, Back & Shoulders

You Have the control !
You can control:
✔ The massage direction
✔ The appropriate Strength
✔ The appropriate heating

✔ Massage time: 15 minutes each time, no more than 2 times a day.

Frequently Asked Questions :
►Question: Do the arm flabs heat up ?
Answer: No, the arm flaps are only so you can pull and increase the pressure of the massage balls. The massage balls are only located on the back behind the gray area on the arm flaps.
►Question: How will this work for a sciatic nerve ?
Answer: If you use it correctly it helps quite a bit. I place it down at the lowest part of my back and it feels great.
►Question: Does it come with the hot blonde in the picture?
Answer: Unfortunately no. But you can please a female like her if you give or send her one as a gift !!!
►Question: Is it only for neck and shoulders ?
Answer: use it for Neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, calves, etc.
►Question: Does this have an automatic turnoff function?
Answer: Yes, it turns off automatically after 15 minutes.
►Question: Is this Shiatsu massager worth its price ?
Answer: This massager is absolutely worthy of its price. It feels like a real person massaging on your body. You can use it on your whole body and all get satisfactory results. You can use it as neck, back, hip, foot massager,...
►Question: If I take this to Europe would I be able to charge it there?
Answer: Well you would need a converter, the same if you took any electronic product from the US to Europe.
►Question: Can i control the massage direction ?
Answer: Yes, you can control the massage direction, the appropriate Strength and the appropriate heating
►Question: How many massage nodes with the massager?
Answer: It has 8 massage nodes.
►Question: how many different sizes are the nodes on the massage head? Is it 1 large and the rest smaller per side, or are there 2 large & 2 smaller per side?
Answer: This is a very good question. There are two sets of nodes with two large and two smaller nodes on each side. The same size nodes are placed opposite of each other and they are attached. They rotate during the massage.



✔ 1 x Neck, Back & Shoulder Massager
✔ 1 x User Manual
✔ 1 x Power Adapter
✔ 1 x Car Charger

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