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Eye Massager for Dark Circles

Eye Massager for Dark Circles

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Eye Massager for Dark Circles, Eye Massager Mask to Improve Sleep, Reduce Eye Bags and Dry Eyes

- This Smart Eye Massager stimulates the pressure points around the eyes to improve blood circulation.
- It is ideal for eye strain relief and dry eyes.
Notice: We do not recommend use of eye machines for people who have undergone eye operation, retina condition, cataract, glaucoma, etc


1. Combining the characteristics of ergonomics and the acupoint massage technique of Traditional Chinese medicine, the intensity and orientation of the massage are just right for you.
2. Large key design, easy to operate when wearing the eye massager.
3. 10 minutes a day to relieve eye fatigue and bid farewell to dark eyes.
4. 4D mobile optics training eye muscles, simulating massage, relieving fatigue.
5. EMS pulse massage promotes eye blood circulation, reduces eye fine lines and dark circles. The pulse mask can be adjusted according to the distance between your eyes.
6. Simulate the techniques of master acupuncture and moxibustion, dredge the eye channels and collaterals, eliminate eye fatigue, and massage the acupoints
7. TENS simulation massage technology, can effectively soothe the nerves, make the field of vision clear.
8. USB power charging, stable and fast, a full charge only takes about 2-3 hours and ensures long standby time.



1 * Eye Massager
1 * USB Charging Cord
1 * English User Manual

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